You gave me advice about my future..  I read and I did as you said! And managed to get myself onto the second year at London Studio Centre, one of the leading drama schools in the UK. Thank you for inspiring me to go get what I want! I feel a lot more stable now and clear about where I want to go!

Thanks again!

- Diana Betteridge


Thank you very much for this advice! Many blessings for your kindness!


- Stefan Healy


You are so inspiring. I felt like I was not getting anywhere, and this year I'd felt the worst until I met you. You are such an inspiration, and I am glad to have a teacher like you. You are so wise, and I will treasure your advice and work on being positive.  I will not become someone who gives up because of self destruction. You are amazing. This term is so good and feeling very positive after working with you.


-Anonymous (Urdang Graduate)


I'm completely honored to know you and the amazing heart you have. I see what you have accomplished and what you continue to accomplish and it truly inspires me to seek out my true self and chase every dream.

Sending you big love my darling!

- Tracy Chamberlain (Nashville Opera Ensemble)