• Brandon Lee Sears


Motivation is normally based upon the desire to acquire more of something new and then to use that in the future to bring deeper happiness and contentment and pleasure.

Motivation comes after inspiration, especially when it is intrinsic. Intrinsic motivation comes from within. With intrinsic motivation you will be compelled to stay on the road to success longer. Commitment to the journey is easier to endure when the reason you are committed is known deep within you.

There will be people and external things on your path who play an active part in your growth and evolution by directly affecting your motivation. Sometimes they will give you the motivation that you need. In this case, the motivation is extrinsic or from outside of you. You do not want to rely too heavily on extrinsic motivation, because the world we live in is temporal. Expectation of motivation from outside sources will eventually cause you to be upset, because change, is the Universes mechanism for our highest evolution. The only constant sources of motivation will remain from within you.

Sometimes on our journey toward achieving our dreams, we may lack the inspiration, because it may no longer be present in this moment. You will need to make a decision, either rationally, or by renewing some sense or spark of inspiration to develop the motivation you need - either to the same goal or to take a different path. Whichever bend in the road you take will be for your highest good. You determine the life you lead.

If your reason for choosing that path comes from within you, you will far better understand the guidance, help, and healing, for your evolution and creation. You have a choice, and to know that you have a choice is extremely valuable for you when considering your level of motivation. This is autonomy, or independence. You have helped to decide your life’s curriculum, and in deciding the curriculum you will eventually come to comprehensively understand the learning aims.

When you accept responsibility for the choices you make, then you will begin to understand experience what it takes to be successful. Your rational mind and emotions may not fully understand what is happening as your life changes and will seem to actively fight against it. This is what is meant when people say, “We are afraid of success,” or “Change is hard.” You must remember the habit that we humans have to resist with our minds the change that is necessary for our personal growth.

We must understand the autonomy that we have in guiding and directing ourselves on the path to success. When our motivation is intrinsic and we understand our choice in the process, we begin taking risks. We can actively seek out those opportunities our minds and emotions will inaccurately perceive to be detrimental or destructive. We will happily and joyfully jump at chances that previously we were fearful of, and in enjoying those experiences that seem to lack comfortability, we will no longer allow fear to stop us from accepting those opportunities that are most beneficial for our growth.

Jump head first into those situations you fear. In becoming acquainted with growth we reverse the habit of actively seeking out comfortability resulting from fear, and instead we actively seek out those opportunities to overcome our ego’s fears. This is where the ‘magic’ happens. This is when we begin to know success.

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